Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tight Ass Story and Big Chocolate Heart TONIGHT at BINGO MADNESS

OK, listen....

The GayHudson.com Legal Review Department will not let me publish this story.

It's too true...too personal....

I can't tell it here on the blog.

So, I have to tell it tonight during BINGO!!!

All you're going to know now is that the story involves me in a dress, eye makeup, and a cute, cute TIGHT (so, mother-fuckin' TIGHT! Damn!) twenty-something boy butt.

Come to BINGO tonight if you want the HOLE story!!

...homonym error intentional....

AND Vasilow's in Hudson is giving us a BIG CHOCOLATE HEART as a prize for BINGO.

The big chocolate heart has NOTHING to do with the boy butt....trust me.....totally separate.

Here's the email I wrote about BINGO that went out to the Hudson City Biz email list:

When I moved to Hudson, I gave up cable....and my TV. I have to keep myself entertained, somehow....

So, I slap on a dress and a wig, call BINGO numbers and tell stupid stories and lame-o jokes.

For instance, here's one:

Q: Where do you find pictures of missing trannies?

A: On cartons of Half-and-Half!

See what you're missing?

Come play BINGO
Tuesday, Feb. 2nd
at pm, the wine bar

119 Warren St

7-9 pm

You could win cookies I bake, wine, champagne, or maybe some locally-roasted coffee!

You just don't know what you'll win. It's a surprise.

Play SPEED BINGO!!! Try to mark your cards as fast as humanly possible, AFTER you've had two glasses of wine.

Try it. It's a challenge.

You might think that they're your friends and neighbors, but at Trixie's BINGO Madness..... .you're on your own!

(It's like '
Lord of the Flies', except that it's BINGO and you're sipping wine in a very nice bar.)

Hope to see you!

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