Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sex and Money

Ok - this is what I got....

Saturday, April 3rd, I just booked Tom Judson up in Albany. I shot a video with him in a cheap hotel room last weekend. I'm editing and uploading it today.

Yesterday, afternoon, I helped out the boys at their booth at Jacob Javits center for the gay and lesbian travel expo. Watch for the video and pics from that event on their website.

Then, we had the Green Party at the Red Dot. I was in and out of drag twice yesterday, driving up from New York in between.

One time this summer, I did a "Dating Game" at Truman's in New Paltz. I showed up about a half hour before the event with my outfit in a bag. The organizer, another drag queen, Isis Vermouth, looked at me, shocked, "You know you have to go on soon - how long does it take you to get ready?!?"

"Yeah, I know", I said, "it takes me five minutes."

I don't have time to spend hours on makeup. I throw on a wig and a dress, slap on some lipstick, and I'm out the door.

Trix has to turn the shit out.

Wednesday, April 28th, I'm doing another film night at Space 360. We're going to have the 2005 Manhattan Short Films, which include a series of animated shorts. Food by Chef Danyell and Mariana Vadukul (Indian). $25, includes a glass of wine.

And in June, I'm working with Mary over in Catskill to put together a Catskill and Hudson gay pride event for June 19-20.

I know what you're thinking....

Wow, Trix, you have a lot of events, you must be doing well.

Please, I'm lucky if these events pay for the dresses I have to buy for them.

Trix is a working gal, and recently, this past month, moved back to the NYC area, at least temporarily.


Well, sex and money.

There's just not a lot of it floating around in Hudson.

If you move up here, you have to bring it with you, that's the lesson. Because, you can't expect to find it here.

I mean, yes, you can find it, and many have, but, its not easy.

In NYC, sex and money are easy.

In Hudson, you have to really work hard for every twenty bucks you make.....and for every blow job you get.

(Which I think is a little ironic, considering Hudson was once ALL about sex and money!)

I find it easier to go down, get some sex and money, and then bring it back to Hudson.

Anyway, I had to stop doing my BINGO Madness nights during the week....I just can't be up here.

I come back up on the weekends, do a party, put up posters, shoot a video, bake some cookies, unpack/laundry/pack and then go bowling Sunday night.

.....because I'm also the president of the gay bowling league in Schenectady.....

Of course, why wouldn't I be?

I do have a real job, too....

Trix is a "back office gal". What does that mean?

We make sure that the numbers add up, that everything is right, and that those "front office boys" don't get out of control.

Companies are realizing that they let these boys get away with too, they're calling in the back office gals to rein them in.

We do the accounting, auditing, "risk control", and we make sure that they don't do any bad deals. (I know, exciting...)

Well, at least we try....with our hair tied back, in our JCPenney skirts.

Ready for the office!

Someone's gotta keep these boys in line...

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