Thursday, April 29, 2010

City of Hudson's First Gay Pride - June 20, 2010

Hey Hudson -

It's official! I got the permit for the City of Hudson's First Gay Pride Parade. June 20, 2010.

Anyway, I posted it a few days ago as my facebook status - and O.M.G. the responses I've been getting!

It's out of control.

People are coming out of the 18th-century-horsehair woodwork!

I created a facebook group, 'City of Hudson's First Gay Pride'. Anyone can join and I'm going to post minutes of the meetings there. There's also discussion boards, etc.

I'm also going to keep posting information here on

It really is wonderful how the word is catching on and people - all ages, straight/gay/in between - are offering their help. Every day, I get another few emails of people offering their time or money or people who just want to be part of it.

Poughkeepsie gays are coming up.....Albany gays are coming down....

Catskill is doing their pride on Saturday, the 19th, so, it will be a weekend of Pride!

I'm having the first organizational meeting this SUNDAY - May 2nd at NOON at Space 360.

It's open to everyone! We want to plan out the weekend's events, marchers, publicity and PARTIES!!

I'll bake something and bring coffee.

Well, of course Gay Pride is going to be organized over brunch!

It really is all wonderful.

Happy Hudson Pride!

It's about time!


luckymonkey said...

This is great! Fantastic community organizing, Miss Trixie!!

bro said...

Congrats !

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