Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cool or Cracked?

Granted, you can spend a lifetime trying to defend the city of Hudson on the internet.

.....or make a drag career around it.

But, as I was searching for a google group, I found the following post and replies which I found an interesting read.

Read it all here.

It's the pluses and minuses of living in Hudson.

And here's another person that wants to re-locate.

I know that there are anti-facebookers out there...but, let me tell you the reason why I like facebook...

It's accountability.

There's a name and FACE to the comments.

This way, people aren't posting negative anonymous shit and getting away with it.

.....like other forums which are dying a slow and needful death.

And yeah....Hudson may have a ways to go.....but...that's why you should buy into it NOW....while it's still affordable.



Tom swope said...

Haven't looked your blog for awhile, happy to read you remain your sharp penned self.
I am with you on facebook, I think anonymity on the net is very bad, reading the list serves is almost impossible with the hate and venom posted anonymously. Facebook on the other hand is more like a community where everyone is just who they are, and as a result, much more positive. And useful, as you know who makes a comment and where they are coming from and can trust them.
Thank you for keeping up your blog, and keeping it amusing.

Trixie said...

Anonymity should remain for blow jobs in a back alley --- where it belongs!


vince said...

Nice pic of my building - a local who moved to be in the 'city' of Hudson -
every year it gets better to be here.

Anonymous said...

what ally ???