Friday, April 16, 2010


I LOVE to eat many ways....

I probably spend hours doing it every day.


Now, I'm back downstate, at least temporarily, I eat out all the time.

(And believe it or not, money might soon be pushing me BACK up to Hudson! It's an odd story, I'll tell you later, I don't actually believe it. When it happens, I'll believe it..)

Anyway, here's TWO evenings of eating out.

(There's the big Opera House Movable Feast this weekend. I support the Opera House, I'll give them a donation, but I'm not cooking for a bunch of people. My Movable Feast would mean calling up Red Chopstick and having all of my guests walk over there with me to pick it up.)

See the Dining Out benefit above, and....

On WEDNESDAY, April 28th, I'm doing a film night at Space 360 / 360 Warren.

Happy! Happy! Up! Up!
An evening of PIXAR animated shorts - $20
Includes dinner and dessert.
Wed, April 28th Space 360 / 360 Warren
(Probably) Indian food by Chef Danyell.
It's going to be fun.

Dessert by me, and you know it'll be fabulous.
6:30, the doors open, and you get a free glass of wine.

I did some market research and what do people want?


Happiness. It's all people want. It's really simple.

That, and alcohol.

....and good food......and sex....

Legally, I can provide happiness, alcohol, and food.

The Hudson of another era, I could give you everything....sigh....

I'm just too late.

True story....

Did I ever tell you about my former co-worker Cindy?

She was a trip!

A single gal, living in Manhattan, and she LOVED to cook.

She wanted to meet a, this is what she did....

Every Sunday, she made chili. She was really good at it. A big pot!

She had beers in the fridge, and she put on the football game. She didn't really watch it, she just left it on.

She would casually mention, when people would ask, what was she doing, she would say,

"Oh, it's Sunday, I cook chili and have the game on."

Before you know it, "Sunday at Cindy's" was the BIG hit. Her place was FILLED with straight guys...some married, some single....guys would bring their friends.

She found a boyfriend - cute, hot, hunky guy.

Put the bait out and they will come!

You want a straight guy? Beer, chili and football!


(Granted, the boyfriend and her had a major coke problem. She lost everything, including her job, and they had to pick her up off the bathroom floor of the office in a stretcher into the ambulance. )


(Sorry, folks....but that IS the full story. There isn't always 'happy ever after' is what it is until it's not. You got to be happy with what you got. TODAY.)

Anyway, Cindy found a boyfriend!

Food, beer, and football.

....and cocaine.

Love ya,

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luckymonkey said...

You are a gem! Very fun stuff.