Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy! Happy! Up! Up!

Hey Hudson,

Oh dear city of Hudson. I know, you think I've abandoned you.

Abandoned....forgotten....used a old whore watching the new gal get all the work.

Far from it!

I'm busy planning, planning, planning more and more events.

Like this one, another dinner and a movie night featuring PIXAR animated shorts.

Here's a list of the films: Click below.


It's not Shrek, ok?

AND! O.M.G. I have more stuff in the works.

More parties at the Red Dot, (every other) Sunday night BINGO in the summertime at pm....

There's more.

I'm not going to announce it JUST yet. But, it's going to be fab!

Anyway, see you on:

Wednesday, April 28th at Space 360.
Doors open 6:30pm
Indian food by Chef Danyell
Two hours of short films with a dinner intermission
Happy! Happy! Up! Up!

Happiness and merriment guaranteed!

....and I'm making cheesecakes.

Some sugar, cream cheese and cherries - what more do you want?


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