Thursday, April 15, 2010


M Gallery presents
“Transilluminations” – Works by Jonas Caufield
Opening and Artist Reception: Saturday
April 17, 2010 6 - 8pm

Hey folks,

Some people say, "Trixie, I check your blog every day."

Those are the people not on facebook.....that's where the world is now.

Blogs are good, because you can say more....but events and happenings are really all posted on facebook. It's just easier.

I'll keep you posted, for instance, there's a gallery show this weekend in Catskill which I'm going to attend...probably in drag...why not?

Here's the description off their website:

A show of photographic images printed on various media including backlit transparencies, metal, and traditional paper. The work of Woodstock photographer, Jonas Caulfield, will focus on the concept of gender identity and sexuality in dress. The subjects and the illuminated images themselves will shine light on the observer and our concept of non-traditional
self-expression in relation to gender roles.

It's going to be a room full of pictures of trannies.

I mean you can serve wine and cheese at these things, and "dress" them up, and everyone can walk around talking about gender identity issues, and trans-formations, and the essence of masculinity and femininity, but, you know...

It's shock value.

I mean, that's why I do it.

One, for shock and marketing purposes, but two, because having a trannie or drag queen or "gender-illusionist" in the room, does create a different 'space'.

It says, 'the normal rules no longer apply here'.

That's why I dress up and GO to these things.

It's one thing to see pictures on a wall. Fine.

It's a 'display', a show.

There's still a separation between the object (the picture) and the audience.

That's why I like doing parties in drag and all the other events in town.

I want the 'audience' to be participants!

I want to create another space, where the 'normal rules' no longer apply and dance with people. Play BINGO with people, and have them meet other people. It's about connection!

Artists can easily separate themselves from 'LIFE' itself. Like a reporter, who reports on everyone else's life, but their own life.....nothing.

For me, life is about participating, not just viewing.

So, that's why I'm going in drag.

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