Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hudson Pride's First Meeting

Hi Hudson,

It's all very exciting and moving very quickly. Honestly, I had NO IDEA of the amount of support I would see so fast so soon.

I'm setting up another blog, to deal specifically with the issues and logistics of the Pride event.

The Facebook group, 'City of Hudson's First Pride' will be used to update minutes, send out mass emailings, event promotion, and discussion groups. (I understand that not everyone is on facebook, but there are advantages. Facebook does make certain functions easier.)

And this blog,, I will use for my own personal opinions, as well as fun 'bon mots'.

Anyway, here are the minutes from the last meeting. There will be another meeting this Saturday, May 8th, at noon at the Trixie Chalet, on the back porch, weather permitting. I'll bake something. :) Email me for the address. (My house is easy to pick out on my block.......ask yourself, which house would belong to a drag queen, and that's mine.)

Here is the overall plan for Hudson Pride:

'Hudson Pride' will take place on the weekend of June 19-20. Saturday during the day, the village of Catskill will hold a vendor booth fair by their waterfront. Saturday evening, we are planning an event in Hudson. Sunday, at noon the parade will start at 7th Street Park and continue down Warren Street to Promenade Park. There will be vendor booths in Promenade Park on Sunday from noon-5pm with a rally and performers. A tea dance will take place in Hudson Sunday early evening.

There's more to come, so please stay tuned.


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