Monday, May 17, 2010

Musty in Albany

Hey Folks -

So,'s nice that something else is happening in Albany other than furloughs.

Unless Musty wears a low-cut fur wrap.

You're not going to find fur on this Paisley Princess of Psychedelic 60's songs. It's going to be a fun evening to start off Capital Pride week.

Here's the deal. I go to Albany every week. It's really not that far and the guys are very charming.

(Right now, during the week, I'm in Jersey City....I had to meet a friend on the Upper East you know how long it took? Over an hour on public transportation!! Really....Albany is only 45 minutes away....)

Every now and then, someone asks me, "Trixie, why don't you do breasts?"

I look at them, and I'm like....

"Um, first of all - shocker - I'm not a real woman, and I don't want breasts."

Is there some rule that I have to do boobs? What? Am I going to lose points on Ru Paul's Drag Race? At this point, once you're cross-dressing, the rules no longer apply. You do what you want.
Plus, Musty does enough breasts for both of us!



Paisley For Brains

A trip through the psychedelic 60's and beyond...

staring Musty Chiffon

with musical director Michael Holland on piano

Musty is a master of her material. She knows how to turn a phrase, hit a note, and strut her stuff. Her mascaraed glance alone can simultaneously draw a tear and a smile.

"When Musty takes the stage she doesn't just reign, she pours." OBLIVION San Francisco

Monday June 7th Tickets $20. Curtain 7:30 doors open 6:30

Sponsored by

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Capital Repertory Theatre

111 North Pearl Street

Albany, NY 12207-2293

(518) 462-4531

"I've never been a fan of Drag-Queen shows I confess some gent in a gown torching Diamonds are a girls best friend or tribbing to Liza or Cher or whomever, big deal; and besides the word cabaret to me has always been French for "corny" So what a surprise to be knocked out by Musty Chiffon Musty is fresh and alive, not some drippy La Cage aux Folles redux that's dead on its feet. Go!" -Johnny Angel San Francisco Guardian

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luckymonkey said...

Kind of like Eddie Izzard. He rocks & he doesn't do fake breasts.
I think you rock.