Friday, May 7, 2010

Pride Preview Party

Four years ago, I never went above 59th Street....and I only did drag on Halloween and the Invasion of the Pines.

Now, I'm all over the state of New York, with a wig, a dress, and a bowling ball in the car at all time.

Because, you just never know.

I ordered my own BINGO ball machine with BINGO cards and little plastic tiddly-wink chips.

I mean, I like the magic BINGO ball spinner at pm, the wine bar, but now, I need my own, as my BINGO empire expands.

I'm going to have to keep the BINGO ball spinner in the car now as well. Ready, at all times.

People complain that they can't find a job.


Did you even consider DRAG BINGO as a career option?

No, you probably didn't.

But, let me tell you, my BINGO dance card is full and Trix is getting booked up and down the Valley.

This BINGO at Locust Grove is REAL CASH. I'm not baking cookies.

So, yeah, you should go.

I requested a cute boy in tight speedos...because, you know, with my opera-length gloves, I drop my balls.....and the boy has to bend over and pick them up.


Cash, cute boy in his underwear, a drag queen, BINGO. A fantastic evening.



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