Friday, July 30, 2010

Gay Naked Pool Party in Tivoli August 7th

Hi Hudson,

I know, I've been away for a's been kinda busy this summer....

Anyway, if you haven't seen "Odds Against Tomorrow", you have to see it. It's a wonderful film made here, in our City of Hudson!

Next weekend - August 7th, my good friends at Hudson Valley Bares are having a gay male naked pool party in Tivoli - so close to our fair little city.

First, it's the Chelsea Clinton wedding in Rhinebeck, then a naked pool party in Tivoli!

Maybe, not be outdone, Hudson should have a naked Clinton pool party!

Be careful what you ask for, Trixie!

For more details on the naked gay pool party in Tivoli, send an email to:

Don't say I never tell you anything.....



Trixie said...

PS -
If there was a naked Clinton pool party, you know it'd have to be in Coxsackie!

Aaron said...

I thought it would be in Climax.