Friday, September 24, 2010

Out of the Box - Silent Auction, Sat. Oct 9th.

So, the Columbia County Commission on the Arts is doing ARTSWALK and the Hudson Pride Foundation figured that we'd participate.

Here's the deal...

We're already planning NEXT year's parade.....and we need to start raising money now!

I came up with the ideas of prostitution and gambling.....long time Hudson traditions!

I was voted down.

(Well, the prostitution part was voted down....the gambling is still out there....gambling as in BINGO...hey, if the state of New York can have scratch off lottery tickets for 'education', I can run a BINGO parlor!)

What we decided upon was art and alcohol!


Get people drunk and then make them buy art.

(Do people buy art sober? I don't know...)

We're having a silent action down at Abel's on 554 Warren on Sat, Oct. 9th. Then, an afterparty at pm, the wine bar.

Look for my pink furry box!

Yes, my pink furry box!

See ya then!

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