Monday, November 15, 2010

Ru Paul? Please.

Someone said to me once that I would lose Ru Paul's drag race.


Well, there's my makeup (or lack of), I don't do boobs, I don't lip sync.

I would not win Ru Paul's Drag Race.

Oh, really?

Guess what? I'm not in his fucking race.

I'm not going to compete against other drag queens......please....for what?

A tiara?

They said to me, 'well, you don't look like a real woman. You're not going to win.'

Yeah....that's because.....I'm NOT a real woman.


Who said I had to look like a real woman? Is there a RULE BOOK of drag queens and no one gave me a copy?

Listen.....tell those skinny little drag queens, to try to plan a parade - or any event.

Have them write a press release, make sure people get reimbursed, and paid.

Let's have a drag queen contest about balancing a budget, buying event insurance, and keeping costs down.

I'll enter THAT drag queen contest.

I'm already planning PRIDE for next year. We now have an official non-profit organization and a string of events we're planning before PRIDE.

I'm busy planning events, going to Staples (where they know me very well) making poster copies, editing video, and rehearsing my new cabaret show with Tom Judson.

I have some really exciting news to tell you about PRIDE 2011......but you'll have to wait until next week....


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