Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trixie Plots

So, I'm doing this cabaret show with Tom Judson, right?

You can see more pics and the video at You can buy a mug there, too....or a Tom and Trixie boxer brief!

I asked my co-star, Tom, the other day, "Could you please do me a favor, and remind me 'Why am I doing this?'"

No response.

I have to admit, a cabaret show has been a challenge, and outside of my comfort zone.

Why am I doing this?

Do you want to know the REAL reason, gentle readers? The gentle readers that I have LEFT on

(Yeah, I know, I have to blog more...facebook consumes me...)

I've now made contacts and connections with the gay and lesbian organizations up and down the valley, the Capital District, and the Berkshires.

They know my name - if they didn't already.....

We've already started planning Pride in Hudson for 2011 (I figure, let's start now as opposed to waiting until the last two months.)

The Hudson Pride Foundation has money in the bank, a board of directors, and non-profit status.

We are READY!

Next year's Pride is going to be OFF. THE. HOOK.

DJ Tedd Patterson has already agreed to perform. His partner (and fellow Hudsonian Quaker), lead the silent moment at the Rally last Pride.

Now, that I have more connections up and down the valley....when Trixie calls, they'll answer the phone.

We'll have MORE marchers, MORE floats, MORE pride supporters in Hudson!

BIGGER than ever!

Oh little City of Hudson............Trixie plots!

Big time.


Love ya,

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