Monday, January 17, 2011


Hi Hudson,

So, BINGO is canceled.

It was fun while it lasted. It seems that someone called in that 'pm' was running a "gambling den", and the Liquor Authority came and questioned it all.

We did not charge for cards. There was no cash prize.

We played for cookies that I baked, and local gift certificates or coffee, or a bottle of wine or olive oil.

It seems that you cannot have a 'game of chance', where liquor is sold. Trivia night is fine, BINGO isn't.


Playing BINGO for cookies, we really never even thought that there was going to be an issue.

I'll think of another game that everyone can play, that will be just as enjoyable.

It is a bummer, though.

It reminded me of something that happened about two years ago - true story.

I ran for Fourth Ward replacement for the person who resigned.

I didn't win.

The Common Council voted. It was four votes to five, and the line ran the division of Hudson, itself. They would rather have someone who lived here their whole life.


I sat there, and listened to the votes against me. That night was also a bummer. City Hall that night, were my friends and neighbors, my "girlfriends" (biological girls and otherwise) were there to support me - the "Book Heiress" sat next to me, holding my hand....

I realized that night, that within just a few years, I had a great group of supportive friends - and knowing that, well, that part is kinda wonderful.

Today is a day off, and I'm cleaning the attic.


I have boxes and bags filled with crepe paper, balloons, gay pride flags, t-shirts, buttons.....

And I'm past few's been totally amazing.

Thank you, Hudson.




Anonymous said...

Hopefully you'll find another venue, and the game will go on. Thanks, Trix !

bro said...

Tiddlywinks is a game of skill.