Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hedda in Hudson!

I tell people, there are only two problems with living in Hudson.....sex and money.

If you can figure those two things out, you're fine.

Hudson is a wonderful place to live, and gives you a fabulous quality of life. There's a country feel, walking distance to bars and restaurants, residents with sophistication and intelligent conversation, and a wonderful art/music and cultural scene.

It's just the sex and money part. There's not a lot of either floating around - but thanks to the internet, most of us get BOTH from there.

You may not think about this with the Federalist and Victorian houses, but Hudson is an Internet City - it's where a large chunk of income comes from.

That, and gravel pits.

From what I understand, many stores rely on web sales. I, myself, couldn't work here with out a high speed connection.

And, it looks like we're getting another internet company coming to town - so, we'll become even more internet-dependent.

More business will boost the sex and money quotient in Hudson - and people will be happier.

.....until they find something else to complain about....like the snow.....



Oh yeah, Hedda Lettuce is coming to Stageworks this weekend, I totally forgot to mention that! See the link above!

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