Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Financial Planning Seminar - Sunday, March 27th.

The Hudson Pride Foundation is hosting a Financial Planning Seminar in Hudson for same-sex couples on Sunday, March 27 at Space 360 from 1-3pm.

I think I'm baking something for that.

Anyway, in my experiences, MOST, if not ALL couples need some financial counseling.

This would be ME, if I was a financial counselor:

- Stop spending money on shit you don't need, like some big house with bedrooms up the wazoo.
- Pay off your debt.
- Buy municipal bonds.


Anyway, I think that the financial advice they give at this seminar goes into more detail and legal stuff and whatnot.

It's free.....donation only, if you want. And I'm baking cream puffs....so go.

Hope to see you!


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