Thursday, May 5, 2011

THIRSTY and The Don Suave of Hudson

Thursday May 5th at Mexican Radio
9pm-1am Featuring DJs Gio & Mr Chips
plus food and drink specials
dancing, give-a-ways, and much more

537 Warren St

I hear people complain that there's nothing to do in Hudson.

Shut up.

There's plenty to do!

If you stopped complaining and being such a whiner, maybe you'd notice....

Anyway, since these events aren't mine, I'm not inviting you to them, I'm just telling you to go to them.

For instance, tonight, there's DJ GIO!!! and Mr. Chips at Mexican Radio. They are two of my five favorite DJ's in Hudson!

GIO is billing himself as Don Suave.

Which I think is in honor of his favorite shampoo.

If that's not enough, then on Friday, you have to see THIRSTY at Helsinki with Musty and Stephen Bluhm.

Friday - May 6th - Helsinki - 9pm - $25.00

What I want to know is....will Stephen be in drag?

If not, can we force him? Would that be wrong?

Is there a law against holding a guy down, putting him in a dress and smearing lipstick on his face?

A law in Hudson?

Not yet.

Be afraid, be very afraid.




Anonymous said...

Who loves ya better than Frank <3

Anonymous said...

Sorry to miss you ladies, but I am in Arizona to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by drinking authentic margaritas and having sex with my mother's gardener.

XOXO Trux.