Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween, Hudson!

Happy Halloween, Hudson!



Monday, October 29, 2007

The 12534 – And Welcome To It!

Dear Agnes, it's me, Rose Marie. That nice young lady, Miss (or “Ms.” as they all seem to call themselves nowadays) Trixie that you introduced me to at Fairview Wines and Apertifs asked me to acquaint myself with everyone on this blog if I am going to continue to post comments here - and so I gaily shall! She's so very familar looking to me, but I swear I'd recall it if we'd met - that odd haircolor stands out in a place like Hudson.

Well, I think I know Hudson pretty well, having grown up here and all, so it seems odd I know no one here on “Olde Gay Hudson Dot Com” except dear Agnes! Very odd. I know EVERYONE and their stories. I’m famous for it. In “The 12534” as the young Aaron calls it.

You must all be newcomers here. And belong to parishes besides Saint Mary’s - like one of the other new faiths such as Episcopal. I suppose I represent the other side of Hudson, you know, the people who want to make the town nice and don’t want to focus on the negative issues, like crime and water and sewer issues and politics. I just know I like getting my lawn mowed for free.

I am best known in Hudson as a communicant at the 8:00 am Sunday Mass at Saint Mary's, where I love to sing. I get quite a response from people! And I watch the change box at table seven at their Trash 'n' Treasure sales, the table with all the nice things on it. And I organize their annual Altar Wine Tasting benefit. I'd like to make it a monthly event, or even weekly, but it seems that we run out of altar wine too fast as it is.

My car is a 1988 Riviera with the deluxe interior package. When people see it parked around Hudson, they all seem to say, “Oh well, Rose Marie is here!” That makes me happy. I do get around a lot. You'll see me all over Columbia County. And as a girl growing up we used to spend a week every summer at a cabin on Lake George. Now we go to Florida. I went to New York City once to see the Christmas Show at the Radio City Music Hall, but I got sick on the train ride home and have never gone back. They know me by name at all the shops in town, from Peebles to the Fashion Bug. So if you see peering over your back fence poking around, just shout out "Hey Rose Marie!" and fill me in on your business.

I love dirt! I love to garden. I love to dig in the soil with my hands and put things in and wait for them to come out! And digging around in Hudson dirt, there's so much buried there, you never know what's going to come out.

I love my family. Here’s a picture of my son Richie when he was an altar boy at Saint Mary’s. Boy all the priests there loved him! He has a good career now at Columbia Memorial. Ladies – he’s quite a catch! Grab him! You hear me? GRAB HIM!

I volunteer in the Hudson Library children’s reading room, and make sure it is stocked with wholesome children’s classics like “The Cat in the Hat” and “I Have One Mother and One Father, Not Two Mommies Or Any Other Aberration They Think Up”.

I’ve known Agnes since we attended the Fourth Street grade school together, and lived on “opposite sides of the alley” (Warren Street!) The good old days. And believe it or not, we’re still the best of friends. Though I’m happier now that she isn’t seen around town so much in those provocative costumes she used to wear.

My ethnic background, since everyone seems to want to know that sort of thing nowadays because there is so much confusion in the world, is white American, married Italian, Daughters of the American Revolution, Hendrick Hudson Chapter. Like they say, treasure the past - or lose it. I think Osama knows just what I mean. I'm a big supporter of Flag Day and all that it represents to Hudson - and I think you know what I mean. My friends all agree with me.

That's all for now from Lucille Drive. Until later my little sperm whalers! Have a nice day.

'here i go and i don't know why' -m. diver

spotty dog
saturday afternoon
hudson, new york

i'm reading a book. some middle-aged guy comes up to me

-hey, excuse me, but i think i know you
-are you.....muffy?
-wow! i thought i recognized you. you look a little different, you know, with clothes on
-my name is jeff. i'm a big fan
-i read that you moved up here. i like your site
-you like it here?
-yeah, people leave me alone
-oh. listen, i'm sorry, i'm going, but i wanted to ask you.....


-do you still do, you know, private sessions?

an hour and a half later
my place
robinson street
dildo up his ass
he came buckets
he's sitting on the bed, getting dressed

-wow. that was great. i mean, my wife, you know, she would never, you know
-stick anything up your ass?
-right. wow. i mean, i'm not gay. i don't want you to think i'm gay
-you're not gay. i am
-right, right. haha you're so funny
-yeah, right
-thanks, again. my wife and i, sheez, i mean, she would never do that, and you know, we haven't for a while
-oh. sorry about that
-yeah, well. it's busy. the kids, work
-we really don't have time for sex
-and it's not like, the sex, well, it's not like this. it's not like you
-maybe we can do this again, muffy?
-that'll be so great. i mean, you're so good, and you listen
-my wife, she never fucking listens. it's always we're going here, we're doing that. did you pick up the kids from soccer practice?
-and all i want is a lousy blow job every now and then
-but she's too tired, or whatever
-i'm sorry
-you know what? i'm the one that's too tired. i'm the one that works every day. i have to put up with all this stupid shit at work so that she can have a new fucking landscaped yard
-do you like your job?
-does anyone?
-no. i hate it. but the kids still have to go through school. i have another ten years
-oh. what would you do instead? what would make you happy?
-what would make me happy? shit. no one's every asked me that before!
-you know, i've always wanted to write a book. i think i have a book inside me
-so, then why don't you write a book?
-humph. yeah, like who has the time?
-if it's what you want to do, then do it. if it'll make you happy...
-but i have bills to pay. i have the kids, the house, the two cars. when am i going to do it?
-make time
-there's no time. plus, it's a silly idea, writing a book! me?
-it's not a silly idea.
-that's what my wife calls it
-it can also be called a 'dream'
-yeah, thanks
-jeff, life is short. maybe you've created this world of responsibility and obligation around you as an excuse to stop you from writing your book, or living out your dreams? maybe you just don't have the confidence to live your life the way you want

he stops. angry

i think, shit, i did it again, i went too far

-who the fuck are you to say i don't have confidence?

i reach for the pepper spray by the bed

-who the fuck are you? you little whore. you live in a crappy house on crappy street on the crappy side of a crappy town.
-now you can leave
-fuck you, you little dyke whore! fuck you! damn right i'm leaving


that's why I get the cash in advance.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hello Kess-a-deetch-a You Getta Happy in the Feets-a

Have you seen the new Mayoral TV commercial yet?

Here's the one for Mike O'Hara. CLICK HERE

I went to Linda Mussmann's site, (no tv commercial), but you can hear her at the end of this radio interview about third party candidates. CLICK HERE

I went to the, today, Friday, Oct 26, to see if there's a video. I couldn't find any.

OK, so if you listen to the radio interview, the first part is about the mayoral race in Saratoga. And you know what Saratoga is known for!

Don't get me started about HORSE RACING!!

The following is from Peta's website, which follows with this week's theme.

Drugs and Deception

“Finding an American racehorse trained on the traditional hay, oats, and water probably would be impossible,” commented one reporter.(15) Many racehorses become addicted to drugs when their trainers and even veterinarians give them drugs to keep them on the track when they shouldn’t be racing.

“There are trainers pumping horses full of illegal drugs every day,” says a former Churchill Downs public relations director. (23) “With so much money on the line, people will do anything to make their horses run faster.”

If you were jones-ing for another video, then here's Rosemary Clooney:

That's all for today.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Yeah, I know, I've referenced "Klute" before, but to top off today's posts of joy and laughter, here's a transcript of the scene between Bree, played by Jane Fonda, and her therapist. The therapist is in italics.

I mean, Hudson is an old town of prostitutes...

How are you today?

I won't be able to come back anymore.

I'm sorry.

Because I just can't afford it.

Did I fail you, Bree?

I come here all the time, I pay you all this money...

...and why do I still want to trick?
Why do I still...

...walk by a phone and want to pick up the phone and call?

Did you think I had some magic potion? You'd come in and tell me your problem and I would just take it away? What's the difference between going on a a model or an actress, as a call girl? You're successful as a call girl...

Because when you're a call girl you control it, that's why.

Because someone wants you.

Not me.

I mean, there are some johns that I have regularly that want me...

..and that's terrific.

But they want a woman...

...and I know I'm good.

I arrive at their hotel or their apartment...

...and they're usually nervous, which is fine, because I'm not.

I know what I'm doing.

For an hour...

...I'm the best actress in the world.

I'm the best fuck in the world. And...

Why did you say you're the best actress in the world?

- At that time?
- Because it's an act.

That's what's nice about it.

You don't have to feel anything.
You don't have to... about anything. You don't have to like anybody.

You just...

...lead them by the ring in their nose in the direction they think they want to go.

You get a lot of money out of them in as short period of time as possible.

You control it and you call the shots...

...and I always feel just great afterwards.

- And you enjoyed it?
- No.

Why not? You say there's nothing wrong.

Why not? You said...

There's a difference. I don't think there's anything wrong with it...

...morally. I didn't enjoy it physically.

I came to enjoy it because it made me feel good.

It made me feel like I wasn't alone.

It made me feel...

...that I had some control over myself, that I had some control over my life.

That I could determine things for myself.

I don't know.

I don't know why I'm here.

It's just so silly to think that somebody else can help anybody, isn't it?



OK, I'm in a bad mood today....if you haven't figured it out....

Happy Happy Up Up, my ass!

Anyway, we've all been there, looking at ourselves in our underwear in front of a full-length mirror......with the lights on.

Some are blessed or work hard for a hard, defined physique.

And then there's the rest of us.

There are some, God bless them, with an abundance of self-confidence, regardless of their physique.

You know what? It's me.

I should be like this guy - with the confidence - to post photos on-line. At least the tricks know EXACTLY what they're getting.

Guys who lie about their on-line photos? Yes, there should be a law.

And a place in hell for you.

Why I keep blue pills in my purse...


Hey kiddos!


Not in my lifetime at least.


The state capital. The bars there suck. Trixie hon you need to get out more. That's why the kids from Albany drive here to Hudson, and the politickos from Albany think that the burritos at Mexican Radio are great. The only chance to make systemic change in Albany comes every 20 years, as the New York constitution requires that the voters be asked whether they want a constitutional convention. And so the whole town is old-fashioned, and so we eat 20 year old burritos I guess.

If the NY voters approve a constitutional convention, the voters would then elect delegates who can reform the state constitution, establish term limits, get new burrito recipes, or overhaul the redistricting process. The last New York State Constitutional convention I recall was in 1821, and I think there's a store on Warren Street selling the desk it was signed on. In 1997, voters decisively rejected holding a convention. The next opportunity is not until 2017.


The senate majority leader Joe Bruno and assembly speaker Sheldon Silver control the money. Period. And I don't get none and neither do you. Tippy gets a little public assistance via Animalkind.

Each leader uses his majority party’s campaign money as he sees fit, shoring up the most incompetent members, and also doling out funds to maintain power and enforce loyalty. Bobo incumbents hold power; challengers in or outside the parties always fail.

If someone dares to challenge an incumbent, the challenger is almost always at an enormous economic disadvantage. New York’s campaign financing contribution limits are far more lax than the limits imposed in presidential campaigns, and there are enough loopholes to drive a hook and ladder truck full of Benjamins through.


Those who challenge the existing leadership better be able to pull off a coup or suffer the consequences. The inherent "loyalty" caused by backroom financial incentives and jobs for life insures it. Play the game. Just ignore the rules. And your parking tickets get fixed automatically. Challenge authority? Get towed accordingly.


Polls consistently show New Yorkers are dissatisfied with the legislature but pleased with their representative - and the voters do not seem concerned with this apparent disconnect, and repeatedly re-elect the same second-rate crew.

Voting District:
"Bug squashed on a '63 Studebaker Lark windshield"


Ever wonder about the bizarre shapes of New York State legislative districts? "Oops Tippy Spilled My Coffee on the Map", "Price Chopper shopping cart full of fishing poles", "Abe Lincoln Riding a Vacuum Cleaner", "Double-Helix Linux Code", "Meatlovers Breakfast Special at the Columbia Diner"...

After every census, the legislature has the authority to draw new district lines. There is no prohibition against drawing districts solely to entertain the kiddies, or for political benefit.

The legislature’s redistricting task force is armed with the technical knowhow and detailed data on population and voting characteristics that allows them to tailor a district to an incumbent’s needs with block-by-block precision.

The Only Game in Town: Parades!


If voters don’t like what the legislature is doing, we all assume, voters can throw them out. But given the difficulty in beating an incumbent in New York, people is left with few other options.

There is no way of placing legislative proposals or constitutional amendments on the ballot without legislative approval like in California, where you just get ten of your wackiest neighbors to get together.

Nor can New York voters petition to recall a legislator for poor performance or even criminal activity. In addition, there are no term limits in state government, nor are there limits on the length of time a legislator can serve as leader. So go ahead - elect that fetus. He'll serve you for life.

We have an entrenched legislature, facing no risk to either its actions or its members, that has become a prescription for inertia in New York. Glacial action hasn’t stop forming our state.

And what's true in Albany politics is true in upstate politics and is true in Hudson politics. And these downstate newbies are fucking with our dysfuntional stability, OK? They just want to change things and make them work. So go away. Unless you wanna buy me a drink or let me bum a cigarette. I like things they way they was, and I'm here to tell you about them.


Tippy has been talking to me about National Feral Cat Day, which was October 16th some sorta holiday I hadn't heard about and apparently the only holiday Hudson doesn't have a fire truck parade for, I guess because cats can't get on the Hudson Fire Department yet because they aren't fat enough.

Apparently feral cats socialize a lot like the New York State legislature, hanging out in alleys and stealing things from us.

But they should not be confused with Feral Katz, who designs and sells furniture and pulls his wee-wee out on Warren Street. Not that that designing and selling furniture and pulling your wee-wee out on Warren Street shouldn't be encouraged…

I'm just not sure we need another parade that we have to pay the cops more overtime for, when all the coppers do is ticket parked cars and pull them over to check on their vehicle registration and seatbelts and cigarette lighters and hubcaps and generally harass the citizens of Hudson and the outta-towners who drive in to patronize them, and give us here all this upstate hick toothless hillbilly reputation that we all don't need.

But, I got all my teeth still!

Tippy hon, what were we talkin' about again?

New level of cynicism?

I think I've hit a new level of cynicism, if that's possible.

My gal pal wants to set me up on a blind date.

We were talking, and she was trying to convince me to go out with him.

She told me, "He's really cute, and when you meet him, he's all like, 'HI!' "

She made a big grin on her face.

I said, "I can tell it's not going to work out. He's already too much for me."

"Well, he's dating this guy now who's all glam, and good-looking, and it's not working out..."

"So, you're going to try to set him up with me, because I'm NOT all glam and good-looking, is that what you're saying?"

"Hmmm.....kinda.....but....he's a nice guy, and he's really cute....did I mention the cute part?"

I looked at her, with my Bea Arthur stare.

"OK, here's the deal. He's cute, good shape, flirty, in his thirties, and outgoing....and he's currently dating someone who's all GLAM. That tells me that his priorities are on the glam. He thinks he WANTS a boyfriend, because it's nice to have the whole package that you see on the magazine ads in OUT. But he doesn't really want a boyfriend, he wants the image of one. He will really never appreciate me, because I'm not the guy in the magazine ad. He'll keep looking over his shoulder, for someone cuter, better body, more money, bigger dick, whatever. We'll date for a while, and then he'll dump me.

Then, in ten or twenty years, when the cute boys are no longer looking at him, he'll tell himself that he's having a 'spiritual' awakening and he'll change his priorities and focus on guys who are stable and secure, goal-oriented, sense of humor, and are just good guys; guys who do other things with their lives other than try to hook up, party, and go to the gym.

Or maybe, he'll never realize that in his lifetime, and he'll continue to cruise and hook up with the next guy which will lead him slowly into the abyss of constant anonymous sex. And you can throw in an alcohol or drug abuse problem, it will help him numb the pain of his loneliness and depression."

My friend stopped, looked at me, and said, "So, you'll go out with him?"

"OK, fine."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 corporate layoffs!! corporate office tower North of Warren Street. laid off it's first employee today. All of this talk about politics, well, it just doesn't pay the bills.

Say good bye to the temp, "Pat".

We "think" it was a woman....maybe a man...not sure...

We do not discriminate at The problem with "Pat" was that s/he did not fit in with our corporate culture.

We have not figured out why, but maybe it was the pussy porn.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's Muffy's TURN!

"Lesbian Lovers, part 16" CLICK on this link for MORE girl on girl action!

Let me introduce myself -- I'm Miss Muffy Diver of Robinson Street!

I know that people are bored with the whole mayoral thingy, but I just wanted to let you see my dear, hot, friend, Dick Tracy in the CherryBoxxx production of "Don't Mess with Tex-Ass".

Of course "Dick Tracy" is a porn star! Why do you look surprised? Is there another Dick Tracy?

Here are some of his finest works:



Also today, I wanted to bring you a few selections from my dear, close friend Bridget the Midget Powerz in one of her videos, "Double Midgetation".

It's the best "midgets from outer space sex video" you'll ever find!

Watch a few clips here!

Bridget the Midget Powerz in "Double Midgetation"

Other than that, I just wanted to let you all know that Miss Muffy is here to answer ALL your Hudson-related lesbian sex questions.

Just email me.

Mayoral Debate

Here's the link for Hudson's Mayoral TV debate.
Thanks, Hudson Channel!
(Just wait until the GayHudson Channel starts!)
Actually, I wish I was in the photo above. So much more fun, no?
When you're bored with the debate, here's a Laugh In clip!

Monday, October 22, 2007

My first name ain't "Baby"

No, my first name ain't "Baby",

It's Janet... Ms. Jackson if you're nasty.

Here's the deal:

Anonymous comments are fine. But, if you're going to be NASTY, then you have to leave your name. It's only fair.

I don't want to turn into that OTHER message board! Oy Vey!

Since we're on a drug theme this's a clip from the HUDSON Brother's TV show.

What drugs were they on?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mayoral Candidate Websites

Yesterday, my friend who lives in a different small town upstate said,

"There's a mayoral race in my town, too, but I have no idea who's running. I know all three candidates in Hudson because I read"

Here are the three candidate's websites, in alphabetical order:

Linda Mussmann:

Michael O'Hara:

Richard Scalera:

In keeping with the disgusting, smutty, pornographic content of this website, here's some:

Which link will be the most popular?


Albany Bar Crawl

What came first, the Duck or the Egg?

I have a guy doing work in my backyard right now, as I type this.

A friend of mine said, "Aren't you going to help him?"

I said, "No. I'm going to sit in my living room and type some meaningless shit into my blog while he works. I'm paying him, which means, he works and I don't."

"Oh," he said, "You see I'm a bleeding-heart liberal. I would be out there helping him, and I'd still pay him."

"Well, I'm not a bleeding-heart liberal," in case you haven't figured that out.

You work, you get paid.

And isn't that part of the friction between downstate and upstate? Downstaters - Poughkeepsie down, NYC, and Long Island - feel that they subsidize the upstate economy? Downstaters feel that they're doing the work, paying the tax dollars, which go directly into the subsidized upstate incomes and economy.

And downstaters feel it's not appreciated by upstaters.

Meanwhile, upstaters don't like "newbie" downstaters, or that downstaters are taking natural resources. Or the yuppie pretentiousness. Or whatever. Frankly, I really don't know....

But, there's friction.

Hudson is the town between these two worlds.

Poughkeepsie, the last stop on Metro North, is commutable to Manhattan. Residents from Poughkeepsie (and south) can work in Manhattan, and find tons of good-paying jobs.

Hudson, is not commutable to Manhattan on a daily basis. Amtrak is too unreliable and expensive. Hudson is fine for a weekend getaway.

The socio-economic differences between upstate and downstate were going through my mind as I'm on the dance floor surrounded by young college boys at Waterworks, in Albany last night.

Which is probably why I didn't meet anyone.

Even I thought I was 'Debbie Downer'.

And looking at the cute, collegiate crowd, I definitely thought about "subsidizing" some upstate incomes.

Waterworks was fun. Actually, it was a lot of fun. It was a young, cute, diverse crowd. A one point, there was a conga line of a dozen young lesbians, bumping and grinding, to the beat of "Lick my neck, lick my back, lick my PUSSY and my CRACK." Perfect.

"The Bar Formally Known as Stray" was not open yet in Hudson, so we went to Albany.

('AWL-bany', as us, LAWng Islanders pronounce it.)

This is only my second time to the gay bars in Albany, and already I bump into people I know.

My new Albany friends are VERY nice. They are sweet, attractive, generous, funny, smart.....and I say that because I know they read this blog.


(No, they're really good guys. And, the 'El Camino in Rope Alley' comments - their idea - love them....and it's based on reality.)

The economic differences between upstate and downstate, well, they just ARE. I mean, I'm not about to change them; me and my little blog. As if I can change the New York State economy with sarcastic witticisms and photos of dead actresses! If only it were that easy!

On the drive back home at 3 am, I thought about getting a hotel room in Albany next time I go out.

And, as for those young college boys......well, maybe next time, I'll bring some more cash....

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Security Cameras Are Not Completely Installed

Can someone please explain this to me?

Is it to discourage or encourage crime? I don't understand.

I put a sign up on my house, "Bathroom is Not Completely Re-Modeled".

...just so you know.

I'm glad that there's a Hermes store opening up. Soon, I can place my $4.63 lunch special order at Food Sing, and, while I wait, walk down several feet and pick up a Hermes ascot.


True story, here we go, (like I need to make shit up) I'm at the Farmer's Market today and as I walk by, I hear, "Fresh Chickens! Beef! Fresh Chickens! You want some fresh chickens?"

She points to an ice chest.

First of all, I'm thinking, how fresh are they if they're dead and in an ice chest?

Anyway, after a couple of times of being asked, I said,

"No thanks, I'm a vegetarian."

"Oh! So am I!" she said.

"....and you're selling dead chickens, because...."

"To the people who aren't vegetarians!"

"Yet." I said.

"Yes," she said, "yet."


Last night, not even an HOUR in town, and one of the staff of the local bar reprimands me. How unusual.

"Hey! You've gotten a free drink before! I read your blog. I saw that!"

"True. You're right. I stand corrected. But, no sex."

"Hey -- THAT, you're on your own!"

Yes, I know I'm on MY OWN with that....

People have been calling my blog DISGUSTING this past week.

Well, thank you. I try.

Are you afraid of little ol' me and my blog??

I have a promoter out there who is obviously doing their job because the counter and hits have been through the roof this week!!!

Thanks for posting my link! Love you, babydoll!

Someone give them the six hits of ecstasy promised.

That's right....this blog is disgusting.

But, maybe I'm wrong.

I mean, I don't want to besmirch the fine reputation of this town by showing PORNOGRAPHY!!

What will people THINK of Hudson!

Do you remember last weekend, I went to Albany for the Aaron Tanner party?

Here's a link to a couple of scenes with Aaron Tanner in it!

I found it just for you, my gentle readers, courtesy of

Well, what do we have so far this weekend?

A store with non-functional security cameras. Explain that to me, please.

A vegetarian selling dead chickens.

And a three-time loser, who thinks she can still run for Mayor!

Shit! Shit! Shit!

I'm not supposed to mention her anymore!!

Sorry....this is going to be rough.

I may fall off the wagon. Someone call my sponsor and have them come and get me.

Just let me get in ONE LINE........just one more line, I promise, then I'll stop. I swear.


...oh...yeah...that feels so good!

...yeah...back to it...spinning, spinning...

......and you just had some kind of mushroom....and your mind is moving slow....


I think she'll know!

Remember what the doormouse said!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Answer Is.....

Ding Dong!

The following comment was just posted to the blog. I think it sums it up. It's in italics

I have to agree 100% with "Anonymous" on talking up "Mayor Mike" ... Linda is beneath contempt and, if anything, relishes any kind of talk about her either pos. or neg. - as long as it feeds her ego. Trashing her is a riot - but now is crunch time and the moment to smother her campaign by obliterating her and putting talk,energy, and campaign efforts into the Mike camp.

And we move on.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Will Linda ever step down?

Will Linda ever step down?

Probably not.

People have already asked her. There was a long, loving, letter to the editor in this week's Register-Star BEGGING Linda to step out of the race, and think of the town FIRST.

As far as I know, she's still in it.

There are some people who are very polite and there are some of us that are just angry....and maybe not so polite.

I'm angry!

I'm angry because I feel that Linda is putting her own personal agenda before the town.

I'm angry because Hudson residents pay some of the highest per capita taxes in the state. For what?

I'm angry, because as a gay person, I can't even support the openly gay candidate. I went to Linda's meeting, I went to the debate, I talked to her, and I made a decision to not support her.

It would be nice to have an openly gay Mayor. It would be nice to at least support one, but I can't, and that just sucks.

Plus, if you lose the primary, you step down. That's the right thing to do.

You either do the right thing or you get no respect.

And yes, gay people will hold other gay people accountable.

As you can see, is supported by NO advertisers and no one other than me. (I make absolutely NO money for the HOURS I spend on this! I don't even get a free drink at a bar or sex out of this fucking blog! Which might also explain my bitterness....)

If you're a long time reader, you know that the views expressed are my own and maybe those of a couple of drunken queers and whores -- the people I call my friends.

So, where do we go from here?

I don't know.

Let's talk about blow jobs.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's my turn?

Was Linda Mussmann trying to act like Diana Ross?

A couple of people said to me last night,

"Rich, maybe you're taking Linda Mussmann's chanting out of context. When she chanted, 'It's MY turn! It's MY turn!', maybe she meant it in a Diana Ross kinda way?"


Linda Mussmann was not acting like Diana Ross, she was acting like Mussolini.


I know the difference between my divas and my dictators, thank you.

Last night, at the TSL Supper (funny how that supper happens during election time, huh?), someone yelled out "Mussmann for Mayor!"

Later in the evening, the men from Albany's Abby Normal Psychiatric Institute found the man and took him back to his room....

When Linda says she has the support of the 2nd and 4th WARDS, these are the wards she's talking about! The PSYCHIATRIC WARDS - not the Hudson wards!

Don't let Linda confuse you, folks.....

Once you understand THAT, it makes more sense, right? Who else in their RIGHT MIND would support Linda Mussmann, the losing candidate? How many times has she lost?

Separate topic:

Last night's closing party of Stray Bar was fabulous! The bar will re-open in a week or two, under new management, and it will be great.

Happy Happy Up Up.

My friends and I headed up to Albany to go to Aaron Tanner's fetish night at ROCKS.

That's why I travel almost three hours to go to Hudson from Manhattan, so that I can travel another half hour to go to Albany to go to a party by a promoter who primarily promotes at bars in New York, just a few blocks from my East Village apartment.


I picked up a come rag, which is great, now all I need is a man to come in it.

Actually, I have SO many website come rags at home...BadPuppy, Bang Bus, Men on the Net. I have an assortment.

And usually, after they come, I run the come rag under some warm water, wring it out, and hand it to them. Yes, having sex with me is like eating at a Japanese restaurant, just without the raw fish.

The party at ROCKS was fun, we got there a little late, but I can see returning to Albany in the future, especially now that it's getting cold and there'll be lots of snow.


Remind me again, why didn't I buy a place in Lauderdale?

I'm sure there's a lot of people in town now wondering WHY I didn't as well.

.....yeah, well, fuck you, too.


Happy Happy Up Up. White light, Rich white light...

And that's how we're going to end this blog post, on a HAPPY note.

If only it really WERE Diana Ross running for Mayor of Hudson. It would be such an easy choice.

(thank you to all my friends, who help keep me SANE.....barely)