Friday, May 29, 2009

More Photos from last weekend!

Carry On My Wayward Girl!

This is too good to not watch!

Never underestimate the powers of a 10-year old girl.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Trixie's Whorehouse - OK, NOW you can wear white!

Hi folks,

I had a new promotional idea for this party. I was going to get all dressed up and walk the streets of Hudson during dinnertime.

Why not?

In all white, I walked up and down Warren Street. (The things I do to make a few more bucks at the door....actually, I did get a half dozen more people in town to go who didn't know about it...and they had a blast!) I took pictures with tourists, waved and smiled, and at one corner, a little five year girl came up to me and said, "You sure look pretty!"

That's all it takes to make a gal feel special!


At the Red Dot, I bumped into my resident assistant manager from NYU! From twenty years ago! Go figure!

Twenty years ago, at the NYU Violet Ball.
My friends and I "crashed" the formal event...all of us in drag!

Twenty years go by quick!

It reminded me, there were these monthly gay college parties at Columbia University. My friends and I from NYU would take the train ALL THE WAY UP to 116th Street from the Village.

The music was fun, and dancy, and everyone would be out on the dance floor when Bronski Beat or Pet Shop Boys were playing.

At 20, we had nothing to worry about, other than what to wear! Our new adult lives were just beginning and we were so happy to be finally out and gay AND FREE and going to a party!! It was such a wonderful time! All of our friends would go every month. We danced all night, met new friends, and took the train home sweaty.

Anyway, here I am, twenty years later, in Columbia COUNTY, throwing parties that hopefully, years from now, you'll remember fondly as well...

For one night, we can all forget about everything (other than what to wear), catch up with our friends, and dance until we go home sweaty.

Really, what else is there?

I hope you had fun! Thank you so much for coming!

Here's to the next twenty years!

Love ya,

Trixie's Whorehouse - OK, NOW, you can wear white!