Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gay Commercials

This one just doesn't go away....

Now, he's in Poughkeepsie.

Go buy your tickets....it's $15! You see, I got you such a deal at $10!

(Don't complain or tell me I never give you anything.)

I might go and actually pay attention this time.

Love ya,


Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm in the Advocate, Black Party, Denny's Coupon and some art opening....in that order.

It's about fucking time!

I'm in the Advocate.com! Click there to read the story.

I'm pushing Hudson, New York like nobody's business!

Who knew that my rise to fame would be helped along by some middle-aged former porn star who plays the accordion. Go figure.

It doesn't matter....as long as they spell my domain name right.

I think that guy, Tim Johnson, (or whatever his name is. Tom something? I don't remember....) was pretty swell. He sold a lot of tickets, and I paid the electric bill. I know you wanted to see him naked, but, oh well, you didn't.

That's why Trix gets the cash in advance.

Plus, big fucking deal, if you want to see him naked, his ass and dick are all over the internet......just google him, or pick up an old porn rag at one of the ANTIQUE shops in Hudson.

You might be able to find him at a mid-twentieth century store, MAYBE......

Thank you, Tom Judman, for the plug! Love ya, Trix

On to more important things, like my BLACK PARTY on Saturday.

Wear black....like my heart.

If you go to the BLACK PARTY, and DRINK, and
LOWER YOUR STANDARDS, you might get laid.

Here's Ms. Katy Perry. I understand, a girl's gotta work.

CLICK here for a 20% off Denny's coupon! A friend of mine sent me this link. You can tell he's a good friend if he's sending me Denny's coupons. Well, now that the Hudson Diner is closed, where else am I supposed to go? I think the closest Denny's is in East Greenbush, open 24 hours. If you're going out in Albany, it's on the way down, off I-90, exit 9......not that I've ever been there....

And then there's some art gallery opening in Hudson tonight......so, you know what that means, right?

You go there, you drink the wine, make some hoity-toity comments about how the light striking the photo reminds you of your child relationship with your mother, and then you leave.

The reception is today, between 6-8. I don't know if they're serving food. Bring the Denny's coupon and drive to East Greenbush afterwards.

Girl's gotta eat, too.

Love ya,



(Screening, CD/Zine signings)

(Book signing - SHOOT, Rizzoli International, New York,
edited by Ken Miller, photography
by Glynnis McDaris, Wolfgang Tillmans, Nan Goldin, Tim Barber, Juergen Teller, and more)

FRIDAY 25 SEPTEMBER 6:00 - 8:00 P.M.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trixie interviews the folks behind Diamond Street, the Opera

For tickets, click here:


Film Festival Here in Hudson!!

Hi Folks --

This is a big deal.

One week of short films, you get to vote on them, and you get to do it on Warren Street. It's perfect for people who don't have a lot of time or don't want a lot of commitment. Walk in, watch some films, and if you don't like one, then don't worry, there's another one starting in just a few minutes.

Perfect for people who have ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder.

Just go and watch the films. Then, on Saturday, the 26th, after you're done watching short films, come to my party.

I forget if I've told you or not, maybe not, but I got DJ Lisa to spin in the beginning of the party. I'm putting in some special requests, like "True Faith", by New Order. I know, it's a little 80s, but the 80s was such a good time! People were making money and watching music videos on MTV! Fun, happy, short and sweet!

Although, reading through the lyrics of "True Faith", it's kinda depressing...

I get this feeling I'm in motion
A sudden sense of liberty
The chances are we've gone too far
You took my time and you took my money
Now I fear you've left me standing
In a world that's so demanding

New Order, lighten up a little!

Monday, September 21, 2009

No, I'm not your slave...

I have a friend who's totally into the whole BDSM or Master/Slave relationship role-playing thing.

He told me there are less issues of codependency in Master/Slave relationships than other, more standard relationships. With a Master/Slave relationship, it's all upfront, and discussed. If one person is going to use and take advantage of their significant other, than it's all part of role-playing, as opposed to being what's considered "normal".

If you're going to treat your partner like a slave, then you should at least do it in a tight leather outfit!

After talking to him, I realized that there was no way I could ever be in a Master/Slave relationship.

First of all, I'm no one's fucking slave.

Make your own damn pancakes!

Generally, I tend to be the more responsible one in a relationship which would make it very difficult for me, to be someone's slave....

- "Master, I'm going to renew the CD today. Interest rates are low, so I'm thinking about a triple tax-free municipal bond. What do you think, Master?"
- "Um, I guess that sounds OK to me slave."

"Polish your boots? I don't have time to polish your boots. I still have scuff marks in my go-go boots from the last two parties, and yes, I tried nail polish remover."

"Respect? I don't give you enough respect, is that what you're complaining about? Oh really? Well, maybe I'd give you more respect, if you weren't such a fucking loser."

So, yeah, the slave thing I'm just not cut out for....and that's fine....

Polish your own boots!

But then, being a Master seems like too much work.

If I was a Master, I would want to email my Slave an Excel spreadsheet of all the tasks he had for the day, and then he could just email me back with the "Done" column completed. That's probably not what they want, though...

I just don't have time to ASK him to do it, or explain it to him.

Plus, I'd have to tell him what to do, inspect it, make sure he did it correctly, and then, punish him if he did it wrong, or have sex with him if he did it right.

It's just too much work and time. It's management.

Ask any "gal", biological or otherwise. If a guy wants to have sex that night, then get something done WITHOUT being asked! That's the secret, guys!

For instance....

If you want to have sex, then go to the store, do the grocery shopping, clean the house and cook dinner....WITHOUT HER TELLING YOU TO DO IT!

You'll get laid that night.

If you sit around all day, watching TV, the place is a mess, there's an empty pizza box in the kitchen from last night, and THEN you want to have sex? Forget it!

Lazy guys don't deserve blow jobs.

'Responsibility' can be totally fucking sexy. There's nothing hotter than a take-charge guy who gets things done!

...as opposed to a guy who sits around all day watching Judge Judy reruns....not so sexy....

Really? A tattoo? Please.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


True story...mostly..

I called my "girlfriend", Bitz, and met for a cup of coffee and raspberry tart at Verdigris.

"So, Trix, how'd the date go last night?"

"Oh, Bitz....I'm going to be a single gal for a while...."

"Girl, what happened?"

"Well, he met all the minimum requirements - job, car, place to live - and seemed like a decent, hard-working blue collar-type."

"That type works for me."

"For almost two hours, Bitz, NOT ONE question about me. Like, what I do for fun, my life, nothing!"


"Bitz, I know his entire medical history.....and every medical condition in his immediate family! Bitz, is it too much to ask to NOT talk about cancer on the first date?"

"Oh, girl...."

"I mean, Bitz, unless I'm dating an oncologist, or we're meeting at the coffee shop at Sloan Kettering, the word 'lymphoma' shouldn't really come up on first date, should it?"

"Girlfriend....I'm so sorry. Well, was he cute?"

"Yeah, he was cute, that's the sad part. I mean, maybe I should just use him for sex. He's simple. I could easily tell him what to do and he'll do it."

"Well, that could work, no?"

"It could, I guess. Until I get bored and then bite his head off and eat him alive - like the rest of them."

"Oh well, Trix. Let's go out and do something fun this week!"

"Sounds like a plan, Bitz."

Boys come and go, but when you find a good "gal pal" who listens to the stories.......just as important.

Thanks to all my girlfriends, biological gals and otherwise....

Love you,


Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hi folks,

Support Mary Hack and "Diamond Street "! The Red Dot is doing a benefit at 6pm, on Tuesday, the 15th. $30. You get food and entertainment!

I'm calling BINGO numbers at pm, the wine bar at 7.

...oh well....I can't do everything....who knew there'd be TOO MANY things to do in Hudson on a Tuesday night?

But, I'm definitely going to see the show at the Opera House when it opens!

Love ya,


Friday, September 11, 2009

Here we go ahead....

Will the new truck route apply to ice cream trucks?
Can we re-route Mr. Ding-A-Ling? He's so annoying....

Well, folks, it's that time again!!!

Once every two years, it's time to elect new politicians, and you know that we're going to hear about the same two issues....

1) The Truck Route
2) The Waterfront

Ok....we all agree that the Truck Route needs to change (maybe except the truckers), and we kinda agree to do something with the Waterfront. Granted, we don't really know what, but something....

The question that needs to be asked is:

What progress has been made over the past two years on these issues?

We know that issues exist, and we know that something has to be done, but WHAT actually has been done? And by whom?

This election season, ask the people seeking office when they ask for your vote.

This Tuesday, the 15th, is the primary...so, go and vote, then come to BINGO at pm, the wine bar.

On the BINGO boards, we'll do a big letter 'T' for Truck Route, and the letter 'W' for Waterfront.

Well, how about 'O' for Obama?


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

'Dine with Trixie' at the Dot, Thurs, 9/10 5-7pm

If you're in Hudson for the show, 'Canned Ham' on Thursday night, September 10, stop by the Red Dot at 321 Warren Street!

I'll be there from 5-7pm.

It's before a show, so, a gal has to watch her figure.

I'll share my box of Tic Tacs with you!



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trixie Starr interviews Tom Judson (aka Gus Mattox). Come see his one man show, "Canned Ham"!

Trixie's Center for the Performing Arts presents

Tom Judson in
"Canned Ham"

Thursday, September 10th
Jason's Upstairs Bar
521 Warren Street
Hudson, New York
doors open at 7:00pm
$10 Admission
2 for 1 drink specials!
Limited Seating Available - first come/first serve basis

Trixie's Cream Puffs - $2/puff