Friday, December 18, 2009

Scalera Supports Gay Marriage. Saland Doesn't.

Well, Mayor Scalera of the City of Hudson supports gay marriage.

Here's the article.

Someone said to me, "Trixie, you haven't commented, yet."

The reason it's taken me so long to comment is because I just don't care.

I mean, it's very nice that he supports gay marriage, but, that and a token gets you on the subway.

If Scalera was out there like the mayor of New Paltz, or Gavin Newsome, then yes, it'd be a different story.

Scalera's a city mayor and it's a state issue, so he has no vote.

Here's a quote from the article from Saland:

Saland issued this statement to the Register-Star on his vote the following day: “Yesterday’s vote regarding gay marriage was anything but easy. As one who previously supported SONDA (the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act), I dwelled at great length on my decision. I have previously expressed my support of civil unions, which I continue to support.”

You dwelled on this at great length? Really?

How long did it take you? What's there to "dwell" on?

Were you worried about all the homophobic votes you'd lose?

If Scalera said something BEFORE the election...then maybe, MAYBE Saland would have thought, 'maybe there's more support in Columbia County for gay marriage than I thought. Maybe I should vote for gay marriage.'

Maybe. Maybe not.

(Maybe Sclera said something, but I didn't hear anything. He never said anything to me....and I do run a blog called

Anyway, this whole issue of gay marriage annoys me on another level because we still have to look to others to somehow validate our relationships, and our lives.

That's the way the system works, I guess.

It's never easy.
You know I'd be a suffragette, if just to wear the hats.

I think these politicians waited until after the election to vote on gay marriage, this way, they're in for one more term.

Well, Saland is out next term.

I'm calling my Poughkeepsie friends and we're getting him out of there.


Monday, December 7, 2009

The 12 Gays of Christmas!

If you want to know how gay people make the world is a better place, this is it!

Thank you young gays (and "gay-ish" hetero men) of America!

There is hope for this country!

This is fabulous!

Photos from Toga Party!

Hi --

I know, I know....

I haven't updated in over a week. People are complaining.

One of my pet peeves is when people talk about something, but they aren't really saying anything.....

I try to only update when I actually have someone to say. You know, something important, like complaining about a magazine article. Something like that!

Plus, I've been planning events here in town up the wazoo. I have two film nights happening on New Year's DAY!!!! The other is the Tuesday between Christmas and New Year's.

New Year's Day, 5pm, Space 360. $20 dinner and a movie. Nothing else is open. You should come. It's going to be a special Happy New Year's good luck dinner. It's a southern thing with black eye peas. I don't really know what it is, I'm not from the south.

......unless you consider the south shore of Long Island the south....

AND - I'm working on a CASINO night in Hudson in January!!! I'm trying to bring VICE back to this town.

(you play for prizes....and we're going to have sexy cocktail waiters/waitresses, if it all works out...)

I'm considering a career in politics, as president of my bowling league. So, that campaign has keep me busy, too.

I've decided to take over a Schenectady bowling alley...because...well...they need help. And more drag queens need to run for office, any office.

I told them, ask anyone in Hudson, they'll tell you that "Trixie makes the trains run on time".

(except of course, Amtrak, coming from anywhere other than Albany....there's no hope there, I tried. )

Ok, here are some Toga photos, from Abel.

There are SO many. I will post the rest tomorrow.

I'm off to BALTIMORE today! omg. I'll post photos. If you know of any fun spots in Baltimore, please let me know!

A drag queen can change a whole town.