Thursday, April 29, 2010

City of Hudson's First Gay Pride - June 20, 2010

Hey Hudson -

It's official! I got the permit for the City of Hudson's First Gay Pride Parade. June 20, 2010.

Anyway, I posted it a few days ago as my facebook status - and O.M.G. the responses I've been getting!

It's out of control.

People are coming out of the 18th-century-horsehair woodwork!

I created a facebook group, 'City of Hudson's First Gay Pride'. Anyone can join and I'm going to post minutes of the meetings there. There's also discussion boards, etc.

I'm also going to keep posting information here on

It really is wonderful how the word is catching on and people - all ages, straight/gay/in between - are offering their help. Every day, I get another few emails of people offering their time or money or people who just want to be part of it.

Poughkeepsie gays are coming up.....Albany gays are coming down....

Catskill is doing their pride on Saturday, the 19th, so, it will be a weekend of Pride!

I'm having the first organizational meeting this SUNDAY - May 2nd at NOON at Space 360.

It's open to everyone! We want to plan out the weekend's events, marchers, publicity and PARTIES!!

I'll bake something and bring coffee.

Well, of course Gay Pride is going to be organized over brunch!

It really is all wonderful.

Happy Hudson Pride!

It's about time!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The cheesecakes are done.

Yes, the cheesecakes are done and sitting in my fridge.....getting harder.

We're all set for tomorrow evening's short films.

I think I might bake something else....we'll see.

The cheesecakes should be good for about 30-40 people...but, maybe I need more. Who knows?

Cherry cheesecakes....or, optional cherries.

Maybe next time, I'll do an oreo-cookie crust. You have to put requests in early, though....

I'm expecting a decent crowd.

Chef Danyell does good Indian food. 20 could you go wrong?

Cool or Cracked?

Granted, you can spend a lifetime trying to defend the city of Hudson on the internet.

.....or make a drag career around it.

But, as I was searching for a google group, I found the following post and replies which I found an interesting read.

Read it all here.

It's the pluses and minuses of living in Hudson.

And here's another person that wants to re-locate.

I know that there are anti-facebookers out there...but, let me tell you the reason why I like facebook...

It's accountability.

There's a name and FACE to the comments.

This way, people aren't posting negative anonymous shit and getting away with it. other forums which are dying a slow and needful death.

And yeah....Hudson may have a ways to go.....but...that's why you should buy into it NOW....while it's still affordable.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Drag Queens of the Hudson Valley

This was the scene on Main Street in Catskill last weekend.

Why were you not there?

In this photo from l to r,

Isis Vermouth, myself, Kiley Winn, Esther Gin and Shealita BaBay.

Esther and I are both on bowling leagues. We are going to start a support group, BDQHVA, Bowling Drag Queen of the Hudson Valley Anonymous.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Findysz Opening if John Findysz hasn't had enough openings in this town...

This Saturday, April 24
620 1/2 Warren St, 2nd floor
6-8 pm

Here's the press release:


The Waiting is over. Standing, a show of works by multi-media artist John Findysz, is a break-out event. The painter brings his explosive abilities to bear on both original and appropriated images. The results are startling and mysterious. Figures about to speak or move forward are married to violent, evocative, bold, delicate, sexy, careless, calculated, and subtle paint application. The act of painting itself overlays each identifiable image, and reveals a careful commingling of the representational with the abstract. Fashionable and pretty boys, aliens, athletes, and figures without faces are treated as substrates, or subjugated to theoretical musings. Findysz’ art explores the complex interval between the thought of action and action itself, and the interstices between image and expression, thus visually describing what cannot be seen. The works in Standing underscore art as a shamanistic enterprise.


Do you want me to translate it for you?

Blah, blah, blah, PRETTY BOYS, blah, blah, blah, ATHLETES, blah, blah, blah, FREE WINE.

What? You didn't see the words "free wine" in the press release?

That's because FREE WINE is the "subtext" for all these art openings!

You can call yourself an art critic, but I know you're a cheap-ass alcoholic looking for your next (free) fix.

Hey, I'll be there!

See ya,

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Miss Trixie plugged my event next week.

Click here to see the page

They referred to me as "The Iron Maiden of Hudson, Miss Trixie Starr..."

I'm not opposed to it.

Although, I'd rather be known as "the Eve Arden of the Hudson Valley".

That works for me.

Grammatically Incorrect Spam.....

I wouldn't serve my dog, Spam....seriously.

I got an email the other day,

"FREE AUTO INSURANCE ESTIMATES!", that's an incentive?

When has anyone ever paid for an auto insurance ESTIMATE?

Today, I get an email:

I am Dr. Marc Schneider and I work for Multilingual Search Engine Optimization Inc. in Washington DC - I would like to speak with the person in charge of your international clientele. Who is my contact? Who should I speak to??

In fact, after visiting , I have noticed that your website cannot be found on foreign search engines (I tested it on Hispanic search engines, German search engines, Asian search engines, etc.) Our company is specialized in multilingual search engine promotions in 28 languages . From the Japanese Google to the German Yahoo, from the AOL in Spanish to the MSN in Chinese, we can show you how to develop a true international online presence by promoting your website on foreign search engines.

You want the person in charge of's international clientele?

Have you READ my blog?

You want my Bangladeshi contact on Robinson Street?

You've tried to find on Hispanic and German search engines......really?

You tell me in your email that you're a doctor, AND you specialize in multilingual search engine promotion, yet, you use the grammatically incorrect sentence:

Who should I speak to??

First of all, it's WHOM, because the person you're looking for is the object, and you left the sentence with a dangling preposition.

I cannot post my grammar girl link often enough, can I ?

Read this if you want to know the difference between who and whom.

The sentence should be:

"To whom should I speak?"

Anyway, my next crusade is going to be "its" and "it's".

"It's" is the contraction of IT and IS.

"Its" is actually the possessive.

That's a common error, and I'm willing to overlook it, because it's counter-intuitive.

You would think that the possessive is "it's".

I'm re-reading Strunk and White's The Elements of Style.'s only going to get worse.



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy! Happy! Up! Up!

Hey Hudson,

Oh dear city of Hudson. I know, you think I've abandoned you.

Abandoned....forgotten....used a old whore watching the new gal get all the work.

Far from it!

I'm busy planning, planning, planning more and more events.

Like this one, another dinner and a movie night featuring PIXAR animated shorts.

Here's a list of the films: Click below.


It's not Shrek, ok?

AND! O.M.G. I have more stuff in the works.

More parties at the Red Dot, (every other) Sunday night BINGO in the summertime at pm....

There's more.

I'm not going to announce it JUST yet. But, it's going to be fab!

Anyway, see you on:

Wednesday, April 28th at Space 360.
Doors open 6:30pm
Indian food by Chef Danyell
Two hours of short films with a dinner intermission
Happy! Happy! Up! Up!

Happiness and merriment guaranteed!

....and I'm making cheesecakes.

Some sugar, cream cheese and cherries - what more do you want?


Friday, April 16, 2010


I LOVE to eat many ways....

I probably spend hours doing it every day.


Now, I'm back downstate, at least temporarily, I eat out all the time.

(And believe it or not, money might soon be pushing me BACK up to Hudson! It's an odd story, I'll tell you later, I don't actually believe it. When it happens, I'll believe it..)

Anyway, here's TWO evenings of eating out.

(There's the big Opera House Movable Feast this weekend. I support the Opera House, I'll give them a donation, but I'm not cooking for a bunch of people. My Movable Feast would mean calling up Red Chopstick and having all of my guests walk over there with me to pick it up.)

See the Dining Out benefit above, and....

On WEDNESDAY, April 28th, I'm doing a film night at Space 360 / 360 Warren.

Happy! Happy! Up! Up!
An evening of PIXAR animated shorts - $20
Includes dinner and dessert.
Wed, April 28th Space 360 / 360 Warren
(Probably) Indian food by Chef Danyell.
It's going to be fun.

Dessert by me, and you know it'll be fabulous.
6:30, the doors open, and you get a free glass of wine.

I did some market research and what do people want?


Happiness. It's all people want. It's really simple.

That, and alcohol.

....and good food......and sex....

Legally, I can provide happiness, alcohol, and food.

The Hudson of another era, I could give you everything....sigh....

I'm just too late.

True story....

Did I ever tell you about my former co-worker Cindy?

She was a trip!

A single gal, living in Manhattan, and she LOVED to cook.

She wanted to meet a, this is what she did....

Every Sunday, she made chili. She was really good at it. A big pot!

She had beers in the fridge, and she put on the football game. She didn't really watch it, she just left it on.

She would casually mention, when people would ask, what was she doing, she would say,

"Oh, it's Sunday, I cook chili and have the game on."

Before you know it, "Sunday at Cindy's" was the BIG hit. Her place was FILLED with straight guys...some married, some single....guys would bring their friends.

She found a boyfriend - cute, hot, hunky guy.

Put the bait out and they will come!

You want a straight guy? Beer, chili and football!


(Granted, the boyfriend and her had a major coke problem. She lost everything, including her job, and they had to pick her up off the bathroom floor of the office in a stretcher into the ambulance. )


(Sorry, folks....but that IS the full story. There isn't always 'happy ever after' is what it is until it's not. You got to be happy with what you got. TODAY.)

Anyway, Cindy found a boyfriend!

Food, beer, and football.

....and cocaine.

Love ya,

Thursday, April 15, 2010


M Gallery presents
“Transilluminations” – Works by Jonas Caufield
Opening and Artist Reception: Saturday
April 17, 2010 6 - 8pm

Hey folks,

Some people say, "Trixie, I check your blog every day."

Those are the people not on facebook.....that's where the world is now.

Blogs are good, because you can say more....but events and happenings are really all posted on facebook. It's just easier.

I'll keep you posted, for instance, there's a gallery show this weekend in Catskill which I'm going to attend...probably in drag...why not?

Here's the description off their website:

A show of photographic images printed on various media including backlit transparencies, metal, and traditional paper. The work of Woodstock photographer, Jonas Caulfield, will focus on the concept of gender identity and sexuality in dress. The subjects and the illuminated images themselves will shine light on the observer and our concept of non-traditional
self-expression in relation to gender roles.

It's going to be a room full of pictures of trannies.

I mean you can serve wine and cheese at these things, and "dress" them up, and everyone can walk around talking about gender identity issues, and trans-formations, and the essence of masculinity and femininity, but, you know...

It's shock value.

I mean, that's why I do it.

One, for shock and marketing purposes, but two, because having a trannie or drag queen or "gender-illusionist" in the room, does create a different 'space'.

It says, 'the normal rules no longer apply here'.

That's why I dress up and GO to these things.

It's one thing to see pictures on a wall. Fine.

It's a 'display', a show.

There's still a separation between the object (the picture) and the audience.

That's why I like doing parties in drag and all the other events in town.

I want the 'audience' to be participants!

I want to create another space, where the 'normal rules' no longer apply and dance with people. Play BINGO with people, and have them meet other people. It's about connection!

Artists can easily separate themselves from 'LIFE' itself. Like a reporter, who reports on everyone else's life, but their own life.....nothing.

For me, life is about participating, not just viewing.

So, that's why I'm going in drag.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I've been there

So, Joe Biden emailed me last night.

Yeah, seriously...

I must have given Obama money at some point, and now they have my email address. Great.

The subject of the email was, "I've been there."

Oh, really, Joe?

You've been WHERE?

Are you trying to connect with me? Show me how YOU are a simple American, just like me, and you've shared my pain. My suffering?

You've been there?


Do you even know me, Joe Biden?

No. You know shit.

You know what, Joe? Do this.

Why don't you try planning a dance party in Hudson, New York.

Try it.

I dare you. I fucking dare you.

Get a DJ. Make up some fliers, post them around town (try not to let the police see you), send out a thousand facebook invites and then put on a pair of pantyhose, and a dress and a wig and some lipstick.

Do it.

Wear some heels and spend all night making polite conversation with strangers.

And then, at 3am, when a twink with a hot hot hot ass is hitting on you, and you think...

"Hey, maybe I'll get lucky and get a piece of hot twink ass tonight....even in a dress..."

When you think that maybe the universe is going to give you back something for all the work you've done, all of a sudden the twink starts a fight with your best gal pal and is being escorted out of the bar.

And you're like, "Fuck you, universe! Can't you give me one fucking lousy hot twink! Would it really kill you? Do I really ask for much, I mean, c'mon, universe!"

The twink is being pushed down the stairs, and your wig is crooked, and you think, "All this work, and not even one messy, drunken blow job, huh?"

You go home, drunk, and your dog looks at you like, "What the hell happened to you?"

And you say your dog, "Don't judge me."

You take the pantyhose off, wash them out in the sink and hang them in the bathroom, and try to wipe off the lipstick and have some self-respect because you know you're going to do it all again in a month or two.

Oh yeah, have you been THERE, Joe Biden?

When you do that, then you can ask me for money for some stupid-ass campaign.


Talk to me then, Joe.