Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HPF Scholarship Awards Ceremony

Hi folks,

So, I know I haven't been blogging much, but there's really no time.

Even though Pride is over, there are still TONS of things to do....

For instance, we're giving away the scholarship money that we raised with the TV raffle on this Saturday afternoon. The newly-forming Hudson Pride Foundation will give away its first scholarship at American Glory this Saturday at 2pm.

You should go. It's free and there's going to be food. We're giving the money to Charlie Ferrusi and Timothy Howard, the Grand Marshals at the past Hudson Pride.

This is what happened:

We raised THOUSANDS of dollars in sponsorship money this past pride.

(Trix is all about positive cash flow....always....plus, I was keeping the books, so you know that there was no funny business!)

Anyway, there was a flat-screen TV raffle during Pride (the TV donated by SHARP electronics, thanks to MH!) and we raised $1,000. That money is going to be split with Charlie and Timmy, and it will probably buy them a book or two.


There's a little bit of money leftover and we are going to use that for fees to set up a non-profit company, the Hudson Pride Foundation.

The goals of the Hudson Pride Foundation are to raise $4,000 in scholarship money every year and donate it ($1,000 per school year) to an outstanding Columbia County High School senior who demonstrates a commitment to gay/lesbian issues and helps advance g/l equal rights - AND - the Hudson Pride Foundation will organize events such as Hudson Pride throughout the year.

That's what's keeping me busy.

(It's a far cry from writing stories about the trials and tribulations of living North of Warren -or NoWa - and how interior design 'fascism' was invading Hudson.)

The Hudson Pride Foundation is definitely doing something at ARTSWALK this year, and probably another event or two in the winter time before the next Pride parade in June.

The Hudson Pride Foundation may very well be the first organized gay/lesbian/whatever organization in Columbia County.


I don't know. Maybe there's a group of potluck lesbians in Philmont that I don't know about, or kayaking trannies in Chatham.

Although, I think I would know about the kayakers....

Oh, and to top this all off, my drag career is booming!! I have to turn down offers, I don't have time.

Which, I think is ridiculous, considering, I don't sing, I don't dance, I BARELY do any make-up, and my drag personae is nothing more than an (exaggerated) extension of my own personality. (Some say I'm actually more masculine in drag. I believe it.)

People are basically paying me to put on a dress and a wig and tell stupid jokes.


I'll live with it.

So, no time to blog.

Oh well.

Come to the event on Saturday afternoon. It'll be in the news, and what else are you doing?


See ya,