Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Municipal Bonds and Eye Make-Up

I 'unfriended' this kid on facebook yesterday.

He was totally annoying.

Kid, like 22 years old.

Usually, the annoying people, I just hide their posts, and it's fine. They never have to know that I don't care about their lives.

But, this kid wouldn't stop. He was very in-my-face. He wanted to 'chat' with me, and a little chat window would come up with something nasty.

Like -

"Your show wasn't that great, and it was too expensive."


"You should wear eye make up. You look like a boy in a dress."

(That's the idea.)

Unfriend. Done.

Leave me alone, kid, ya bother me!

I don't understand the eye make up, thing. There's a set defined rules and definitions of what a drag queen should look like?

....or, what ANY of us should look like for that matter?

You know what kind of eye make-up I'll wear? Whatever the fuck kind I want to wear. That kind.

So, I'm there sitting with some of the board members from the Hudson Pride Foundation, and I was saying,

"Ya know, if we have any money leftover, we should really have a plan to invest it. I'm thinking something nice, safe, and secure....something like triple-tax-free MUNICIPAL BONDS."

"Triple-tax-fee" is my favorite 'three-words-together'.

More than "I-love-you."

With "triple-tax-free", you know what you're getting; with "I-love-you", it's hit or miss.

Anyway, I mentioned the municipal bonds, and the board members looked at me and said,

"Trix, did you ever think about eye makeup? Maybe a little eye make-up, silly drag queen. We are going to talk to a financial adviser about stuff like that, but you really should think about mascara. Thanks for your input, Trix... We'll definitely think about it...."

We met with the financial adviser, and asked her about safe investments for the scholarship fund.

What did she recommend?

Municipal bonds.

I'm a silly drag queen, with no eye makeup.....and twenty years of experience on Wall Street....

Monday, January 17, 2011


Hi Hudson,

So, BINGO is canceled.

It was fun while it lasted. It seems that someone called in that 'pm' was running a "gambling den", and the Liquor Authority came and questioned it all.

We did not charge for cards. There was no cash prize.

We played for cookies that I baked, and local gift certificates or coffee, or a bottle of wine or olive oil.

It seems that you cannot have a 'game of chance', where liquor is sold. Trivia night is fine, BINGO isn't.


Playing BINGO for cookies, we really never even thought that there was going to be an issue.

I'll think of another game that everyone can play, that will be just as enjoyable.

It is a bummer, though.

It reminded me of something that happened about two years ago - true story.

I ran for Fourth Ward replacement for the person who resigned.

I didn't win.

The Common Council voted. It was four votes to five, and the line ran the division of Hudson, itself. They would rather have someone who lived here their whole life.


I sat there, and listened to the votes against me. That night was also a bummer. City Hall that night, were my friends and neighbors, my "girlfriends" (biological girls and otherwise) were there to support me - the "Book Heiress" sat next to me, holding my hand....

I realized that night, that within just a few years, I had a great group of supportive friends - and knowing that, well, that part is kinda wonderful.

Today is a day off, and I'm cleaning the attic.


I have boxes and bags filled with crepe paper, balloons, gay pride flags, t-shirts, buttons.....

And I'm past few's been totally amazing.

Thank you, Hudson.



Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rainbow Skate Night

Hey Hudson,

Or, I should say, "Hey, Columbia County".

The Hudson Pride Foundation is doing the FIRST ever event for gay and lesbian teens in the county!!

Rainbow Skate Night!

The first 30 under 21-year-olds to sign up are free. After, it's $5/person.

It's a private party, and there will be adult chaperons.

Remember that art auction we did in October? Well, this is where some of that money is going. We are also using this Skate Night to help promote our scholarship for next year.

More information on


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gio, could you please stop talking? Just for a few seconds?

Homer in some stuff I just happen to have around the house...

Hey Hudson -

Well, I'm back in Hudson full-time, at least for a while, and I'm booking events left and right. Yesterday alone, I booked two.

I'm doing a BINGO night in Poughkeepsie on the 19th, and then it looks like Hedda Lettuce is coming up for a show at Stageworks on Saturday, Feb. 5th, and I'm going to be doing something with that.

Plus, Gio and I are doing another party at the Red Dot, the RED PARTY, on Feb. 12th. All the info is on the sidebar of this blog.

It's kinda amazing I'm still working with GIO after three years, considering....

Yesterday, true story, we were talking about the Red Party....

I take that back. HE'S talking....a mile a minute - non-stop. Even if I TRY to say something, he doesn't stop talking.

I've had "conversations" with GIO, when I'm talking, and he just talks right over what I'm saying. He doesn't even acknowledge that I'm speaking. It's as if someone pushed him down and hill, and he just can't stop.

....I'll push him down a hill...

He's running down the hill, mouth going a mile a minute, arms flailing, total stream of consciousness.

A stream of consciousness like a William Faulkner novel, but set in an Italian family from Queens.

This is a photo me, waiting for GIO to stop talking.

Now, the best, and only good part of this - which I've used for my own entertainment and amusement - is that during his verbal diarrhea/monologue, you can get any information out of him that you want.

He doesn't keep track of what he's saying. He can't - even the fastest computers could not log all that data so quickly.

...and the "Safe Search" is OFF.

Every now and then, I insert a little question, and see what response I get, like;

'What was the biggest dick you had?'

Then, I just sit back and take notes.

He said to me the other day,

"Trixie, when I'm dead, THEN you can have a moment of silence."

I said, "No Gio, when you're dead, then we'll FINALLY have a moment of silence!"

Yesterday, true story......

We were talking about someone else, and no matter the topic, he brings it back to himself,

GIO: ".....and that used to happen to ME! You would never believe how stupid I was!"

TRIX: "Actually, I do believe it."

So, yeah. It's been three years of Trixie's Whorehouse, but it seems like thirty.

See you at the Red Party at the Red Dot. Sat. Feb 12th.