Friday, May 13, 2011

Organizing a Parade....

You want to know what it's like organizing a parade, or an entire weekend of events?

With not a lot of money, a group of volunteers, and working a day job?

Well, this was my day today....

I get up around 6:30, make a pot of coffee, get on-line, and start working by 7am.

I worked until around 10:30, then met with the gal who is doing our tshirts, and got prices.

Then, I had lunch at noon with a Lutheran Deacon who is organizing the clergy in the area. He asked me, 'what can we do?'.

I said, 'well, you can march, and then bring the message out to all of your parishioners. You know, have a get-together. It doesn't have to be a big deal. Even if you held an adult discussion group one night, or you all watched the prom episode of 'Glee' - just get people out of the house.'

I explained to him what we are planning on doing on Family Pride Day. The goal is for kids to have fun, with their families, in a gay-friendly environment. There's nothing explicitly 'GAY' about Family Pride Day....

I mean, the carnival prize might be a rainbow flag. Or, you'll be able to buy a 'I love my two mommies' or 'I love my two daddies' tshirt.

But, that's it.

The point of Family Pride Day is to make being gay, or gay-ish, not a big deal.

No big whoop.

There are going to be SO MANY things happening that day, and so many activities for kids! For instance, ETSY is going to have a big arts/crafts tent!

It's going to be amazing!!

My walk from one meeting to home, is filled with conversations with people on the street, more organizing.

And, updating people on the committee. Is so-and-so's logo on the map? Can we get another sponsor on the banner?

Today, I met with Helsinki. I talked to B&B owners. I ordered a bullhorn, balloon pumps, and purple balloons. You see, we got balloons, with our logo, but, the logo balloons come in every color other than purple, so we needed purple.

Tonight, I'm running the numbers, and making sure that the number of boat tickets sold equals the amount of money in the bank.

It does. Why? Because I do it.

This year, there's an alcohol tent at the Rally. Now, do I know how to run an alcohol tent? No. So, I went to City Hall, got a copy of the alcohol code, then scanned it and sent it to the vendor.

Done.....well, for now, done.

I made an announcement later that day to the Common Council about Hudson Pride and invited them all to march.

Tomorrow morning, I have to run to Staples to copy press packets, Aldi to buy sidewalk chalk for Family Pride, and donuts for the meeting.

(And go to the gym. Maybe I'll go to the gym BEFORE I buy the donuts. Does it even matter? It's a wash.)

And I'll bake cookies.

Two hours of meeting at noon then I have to pick up a generator, that someone is donating for the float-building warehouse, because there's no electricity there.

Tomorrow evening, I'll walk up and down Warren Street, to make sure that everyone who donated money has a Sponsor Window laminate.

And every now and then, I look up from my 'To Do' list, and I'm like,

'Oh. Yeah, that's right. All of these little things, I guess they come together.'

Like the Deacon who's organizing the clergy - last year, they watched. This year, they're ready to march. At least we're giving them a place to march - and you know what? You never never know how something like this impacts someone's life.

Organizing a parade is just lots of little things.

None of it is all that glamorous.

But, it is fun.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

THIRSTY and The Don Suave of Hudson

Thursday May 5th at Mexican Radio
9pm-1am Featuring DJs Gio & Mr Chips
plus food and drink specials
dancing, give-a-ways, and much more

537 Warren St

I hear people complain that there's nothing to do in Hudson.

Shut up.

There's plenty to do!

If you stopped complaining and being such a whiner, maybe you'd notice....

Anyway, since these events aren't mine, I'm not inviting you to them, I'm just telling you to go to them.

For instance, tonight, there's DJ GIO!!! and Mr. Chips at Mexican Radio. They are two of my five favorite DJ's in Hudson!

GIO is billing himself as Don Suave.

Which I think is in honor of his favorite shampoo.

If that's not enough, then on Friday, you have to see THIRSTY at Helsinki with Musty and Stephen Bluhm.

Friday - May 6th - Helsinki - 9pm - $25.00

What I want to know is....will Stephen be in drag?

If not, can we force him? Would that be wrong?

Is there a law against holding a guy down, putting him in a dress and smearing lipstick on his face?

A law in Hudson?

Not yet.

Be afraid, be very afraid.