Monday, July 25, 2011

Is Hudson the Next Provincetown?

I went to Provincetown, Massachusetts during Bear Week and I'm going back again soon.

I like to think of the Bears as "my people".

These are 'Bears'

I'm not really into Bears, they're not really into me, but we bowl together and they eat my cookies, so, it works.

I love the Bears' attitude! They give a big hairy 'fuck you', to the gay Chelsea-boy look that has plagued the gay community for years. Like a rash, 'Chelsea-boys' show up all over - beaches, cruise ships, circuit parties.

Cute, but for the most part, vacuous.

Chelsea-boys will rarely venture past 72nd Street, (and only then for a good trick) and they have no concept of anything north of Westchester.

If we wanted Chelsea-boys, we would have stayed in Manhattan, and not pay the $100+ roundtrip train fare on Amtrak to come upstate.

Anyway, where was I?

Bear Week in Provincetown - or "P-Town".

True Story. I'm renting a bicycle on the MONDAY of Bear week, at one of the little bike rental places- and the guy told me that he was probably sold out.

He found one, but it was not easy.

He has about 600 bicycles, that he rents out for $22/day - $5/day more if you want a basket in front.

Mine cost $27/day - of course I had to have a basket in front. please....

OK Hudson - let's do the math - one little bike store in a little town on Cape Cod.

600 bicycles at $22/day = $13,200/day.

This little bike shop was taking in OVER $10,000/day!!!


(What's the over-head? Buying the bicycles? A little store-front? Seasonal employees? Look at the numbers - even if it's only a three or four month business.)

I checked out his computer screen - he has three cute guys working out front scanning in the bicycles and a really big, hot and sexy.....database!

I told him that if he ever needed any help with his software package - to call me... ;)

I asked, 'what do the negative numbers mean?'

'Oh, those are my over-reserved bikes.'

He has about 600 bicycles and some are over-booked. O.M.G.

Here we are, sitting in Hudson, with some saying - "How can we make the cement plant happy?"

Forget the cement plant, people!!

Bring in the restaurants, the drag shows, and the bicycle shops!! Let's make some money already!

What are we waiting for?

P-Town is booming! The streets are closed to cars and lined with visitors shopping, eating, seeing shows, buying things they really don't need (and we have a lot of stuff to sell in this town...)

Granted, you may argue that maybe P-town is a little much, and we don't want to go that far.


BUT - a little wouldn't hurt.

For instance, Hedda Lettuce is in a show this week at Stageworks, CLICK here for ticket information. GO SEE IT!

This weekend, there's a big art show, New Art Dealers Alliance, NADA, at the Basilica, and August 12-14, there's the Hudson Music Festival.

We have to go - and bring your friends.

We have to support all of these events, because, hopefully, this is our future.

We have to keep these events going - because at some point, all these events are going to get so popular that there will be no question - in anyone's mind - about what to do with the waterfront.

I don't know if Hudson is going to be as popular as P-Town.

I don't know what Hudson is going to be ten or twenty years from now...but I can tell you this....

....if Hudson does get that popular - I'm running the bike shop!

- Trix