Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Upcoming Events - get off Facebook and get out of the house!

Everyone's complaining about the new facebook changes.

You know what? I'm on facebook constantly.....and I don't care.

I'm a promoter. I promote events, and facebook makes it easier to promote events.

Facebook makes it easy to display pictures, tag people in photos, and that's what facebook is all about.

It's a social networking site.....and I try to get people together. For me, facebook works.


The goal of my facebook usage is to get people OUT of the house, and doing things, with other people. Do things with real, in-person people.

Why sit around and watch TV? Most of the shows are stupid and boring, anyway.

There's something out there called Real Life - your real life - not someone else's. You don't have to watch someone else's "reality life" on TV. You could actually just live in your own reality.

There's a concept, huh?

So....having said all this - here's a list of all the events I want you to attend. :)

[Most are charity/volunteer organizations. I only make money from one or two of them. :) ]

Here we go....

This Sunday, the 25th, come down to STAATSBURG to the Wedding Showcase, sponsored by

There are going to be over 40 vendors there - some from Hudson!

Then, you MUST attend the Fall Foliage boat cruise. All proceeds benefit the Hudson Pride Foundation. We gave away $1,000 scholarship this past year, hopefully, we will give away more next year. One day, we might have enough money saved to buy a community center. We're saving, and we're working on it.

Sat - Oct. 8th
1-3pm & 3-5pm

Folks of Hudson, in every Mayoral election year, we talk about the Waterfront. We talk about how the Waterfront development is going to CHANGE the city.

When was the last time YOU were down on the Waterfront?

Most of the time, when I walk my dog there, I see about twelve people sitting in their cars looking at the water. I don't think they even leave their cars.

Go on the Fall Foliage Cruise. It's going to be beautiful. MOD is doing food for us. There will be a cash bar on the boat.

It's happening the same time as the Chili Festival, which is also on the Hudson Waterfront.

Don't you want to be on a boat, filled with people who just ate a bowl of chili?

It's going to be a blast!



Anyway, you should go.

Then, on Sunday, the following day, Oct. 9th, my dear, sweet loveable friend, Mr. Tom Judson and I are doing MATCH GAME at MOD Cafe's Big Gay Brunch. 11am - 2pm.

I have no idea what to expect, it's the first time we're doing this. I did go out and buy "The Best of Match Game" DVD, so we will have actual Match Game questions. Each table will be able to guess the 'correct' answer.


I know you're very excited about this.

Trixie Starr and Tom Judson
Match Game at MOD Cafe
Big Gay Brunch
11am - 2pm
Front and Union St

Then, I'm doing another event on October 22nd down in Poughkeepsie, the Spooktacular - also for charity. There were about 400 people last year, it's going to be great! It's all for a good cause - AIDS Related Community Services of the Hudson Valley.

Saturday, October 22 at 6:30pm
Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center
9 & 12 Vassar St.
Poughkeepsie, NY

I am going to 'man' the "Miss-Fortune Booth". I will be a Misfortune Teller! I will tell people their bad fortunes all night long! LOVE IT!

The best part about this gig, is that it's really not much of a stretch for me. I can just be myself.

THEN - for Halloween, Musty and I are going to be at Club Helsinki - Sat. Oct. 29th. 10pm-2am. $15/door. "Burn in Hell....sinki"

Like it? The name was Musty's idea.

There's going to be a big Halloween costume contest, with several hundred dollars given away in prizes, and about a third of the door to charity.

It's really going to be off-the-hook. More details to follow. Musty and I are doing a photo and video shoot next week. Just wait.

That's pretty much it for October. In between all of this, I'm also the President of the gay bowling league in Schenectady - Capital Area Pride Bowlers. Sundays at 6pm at Sportsmans bowling alley in Schenectady. Just show up and we'll put you in as a substitute or a pacer. It's no big whoop - just bowl and have a couple of beers!

What's my point in all this?

Forget about facebook, and all their changes. Who needs TV? Get out of the house, and create your own reality show.

Life is short.